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PostSubject: N.E.O. Team   N.E.O. Team Icon_minitimeWed Jul 15, 2009 3:54 pm


I'm one of the founders of NEO clan. I'm looking for fun time and new friends. I'm a simple guy, very linear and honest. And like to have a laugh here or there. In real life I have a few responsibilities at my job such as: management, design, construct design and hopefully soon also sales management. In free time I hate doing nothing, i need to do somehting no matter what it is. This is actually why I proposed to Kix to start a clan, coz we had a nice game and after I had nothing to do and needed to make somehting up Wink.

- Steam name: tvvladimir2

- XFire name:

- Blog link:

- Website link: http://neo-clan.freehostia.com
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N.E.O. Team
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