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 Joining NEO clan

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PostSubject: Joining NEO clan   Joining NEO clan Icon_minitimeWed Jul 15, 2009 2:56 pm

(NOTE: If the clan is ACTIVELY RECRUITING, then to join NEO all you have to do is the first two steps (1 and 2). Please let us know that you saw our recruitment program/advert/banner by stating so in your application form. To find out if we have a recruitment program check out our home page: http://neo-clan.freehostia.com)

If you want to join NEO clan, then you'd have to complete the following:

1. Read clan Code of Conduct.

- Be a polite, nice and honest player
- Support new players and respect the oldies
- Always uphold clan's reputation whether (in-game , forums or chat)
- Stay involved with activity of the clan
- Don't be a cheater
- Don't abuse of SMG and RPG
- Don't be a spawn or camp killer
- Don't upload offensive or pornographic sprays
- Don't swear or use offensive language
- Do not use an offensive username
(If you like our style of play, proceed to the next step)

2a. Register on the forum and fill in all information in your profile. (you don't have to fill in your zodiac information)

2b. Create topic in "Joining NEO" section of the forum introducing yourself and saying why you'd like to join us (and we will get back to you) (or if an active recruitment program is active contact our admins and recruiters directly by steam or through forum).

3. Meet these requirements (3a. or 3b.):

3a. You must be a friend of the clan. Thus all members of the clan must vote "yes" for you to join NEO in your application topic stating why you want to join us.


3b. If any members express the feeling that they want to get to know you better, then you must meet these requirements:

- Respect clan's 'Code of conduct'.
- Have friends among the clan.
- To understand a minimum of english (don't have to be fluent).
- Take part in clan's activities. (example: forum activity, gameserver, clan projects)
- You can not apply to other clans at the same time as applying to us.
- You must have the NEO | tag at all times while playing deathmatch. If you want to, you may change your name, but the NEO tag must stay.
- You must have at least 6 hours of total connection time on the NEO Servers. And must have at least 500 kills.

(We know that some requirements for some may be difficult to reach, but commiting to meeting the requirements will show us that you are serious about joining NEO clan.)

All NEO members get

- Special admin rights to our servers.
- The possibility to play in a clan war and clan internal matches.
- Access to NEO Steam Group.

Final Notes

- Your application can be closed at any time and without further notice.
- Multiple steam account usage for a single player isn't allowed.
- Your activity on both forums and NEO servers will be taken into consideration.

NEO Training is always available from our members, feel free to ask.

Thanks and Regards,

NEO Management.
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Joining NEO clan
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