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 The mapmaker of the Clan

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The mapmaker of the Clan Empty
PostSubject: The mapmaker of the Clan   The mapmaker of the Clan Icon_minitimeThu Aug 20, 2009 8:19 pm

well.. here you got a new mapmaker Smile i wont make maps outta myself as im terrible from making something i have in mind.. i need other people's oppinions and idea's

so if u want a map just place your idea on here and ill look if its poss for me to make it (im not a expert on this.. as i recently started im already working on the race map buts its not turning out so great :S especcialy the cars we have to drive in have problems..)

it also be great if u can make a simple layout of the map in example paint.. just the top view from how the map had to look by ur idea.. ( making work alot simpler and more detailed as i have to think of less stuff)
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The mapmaker of the Clan
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